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If your business needs people fast and it's time to try something different, give us a call!

fixed fee


We find people fast!


We help businesses find quality people, fast, for a fixed fee.

At People4U we are different, we believe that recruitment is affordable and businesses shouldn't need to do it themselves.

Finding people can be a challenge, that is where we come in, we are great at finding people!

We use the latest technology, AI and video technology to be nimble and fast. This also allows us to get candidates quickly, screen them and work out who you want. Speed is key.

Our recruiters put in the time and don't just work 9 to 5 . We will find you people - we are confident in that.

Finding the talent takes time - let it be ours and not yours.

With People4U you’ll work with our recruiters who’ll take care of you and help you get some great people!


making a start

We gather a brief of your job to understand what you are looking for, then begin actively searching our databases as well as posting your job on social media sites, job boards and major recruiting sites.



finding your people

Where our skill, speed and technology comes in is the assessment of people.  Finding someone who is right for you. We find the people that match your need, we manage expectations and handle all the replies to your advertised role including the no's.

Importantly - we move fast and we are responsive.

We conduct interviews with our shortlist, we then video interview the best. We then send you videos of the top candidate(s) with recommendations ensuring the best talent is put forward saving you time.



the hire

You watch the short videos and decide whom you want to interview.  We will provide interview guides and industry tips on what to do and not do during the interview.

We can help you with offers and as part of the service, we communicate professionally on behalf of your organisation to all unsuccessful candidates.

For an additional fee, we can conduct numeracy, literacy, and psychological testing to give you a deeper assessment.   


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