We offer a high quality
recruitment service at a fixed price.




We manage your recruitment process from start to finish - for a fixed price.


Our recruiters put in the hiring time so that you don’t have to. We will do all of the sifting through profiles, screening for capabilities, matching people and finding who would be best for your business: Finding the talent takes time.

With People4U you’ll work with one of our recruiters who’ll take care of your recruitment, and help you get some great people — Our people who care about doing the best work they can, because they love what they do!

We know that it will take up a lot of your time if you find people yourself, so why not let us take the headache away from you – for a very fair price - we will help you find your people.

fixed price recruitment for only $2,500


making a start

We gather a brief of your job, the type of person you are looking for, the salary, the full details of the role and information about you and your business and culture.

We then begin actively searching our database of people, as well as posting your job on the major recruiting sites.


fixed price recruitment for only $2,500


finding your people

Then we meet and assess people to find someone who is right for you. We find the talented people that match your job brief, we also manage expectations and handling all the replies to your advertised role.

As we progress we will update you letting you know about who has applied, the discussions we have had and who might be just right for your business, importantly we will move fast on the right people for you.

We shortlist the top five people and conduct interviews with them. We then video interview those we think are best. We then send you videos the top candidate(s) with our recommendation ensuring the best talent is put forward and saving you time.


fixed price recruitment for only $2,500


the hire

You watch the short videos, review our shortlist, then interview the people who we think are the right fit for you. We help you organise the interviews and for a fee can be there with you during the interview via video link or in person.

Also included are interview guides and industry tips of what to do and not to do during the interview.

We help you make the verbal offer to your top person and as part of the service, we communicate professionally on behalf of your organisation to all unsuccessful candidates.

For an additional fee, we can conduct numeracy, literacy, and psychological testing to give you a deeper assessment of your favorite people and also check their references for you.   


fixed price recruitment for only $2,500

Our flat fee structure of $2,500 saves you significantly on the variable fees charged by recruitment agencies which are typically 15-20% of the annual salary

which we think is a RIP!!




team work

We help you find the talent you need to stay nimble and competitive


More cost-effective than a staffing agency

With us, you’ll get at least 30-50% savings in comparison to traditional staffing agencies.

is our specialty

Our recruiters use human-learning to find the right talent, fast – we’ll only arrange interviews for candidates who tick all the right boxes.

Staying flexible

The size and shape of your team today might be very different tomorrow: we can help you scale up and down whenever the market calls for.

fixed price recruitment for only $2,500