Finding Recruitment Agency Fees Too Expensive?
People4u - Problem Fixed!




We take a job brief - we make sure the position we are seeking is aligned with the role you have

We analyze business and team culture – at this point we put on our HR consulting cap to make sure we thoroughly understand your business

We script the advertisement and manage the process including the costs

We assess all applicants against your required criteria

We assess resumes and identify the best candidates

We conduct in-depth interviews with shortlisted candidates. This includes all interview Q&A's, a behavioral screening analysis and a clear assessment linking the candidate to your key criteria

We video interview each shortlisted candidate

We then present and discuss the shortlisted candidates with short videos to watch

We book in the 1st interviews to save you time, give you questions and follow up with you and the canidates.

We help you identify the ideal candidate for your role

We inform all unsuccessful candidates to ensure that we maintain your employment brand.

all this for $ 2,750



what are

We can do all of the below for you, it's just that they are not included in our fixed-price fee of $2,750.

Psychometric testing

Pre-employment checks and vetting, police and working rights in Australia or New Zealand.

Attendance at the interviews, zoom, phone or in person

Additional reference checking outside the preferred candidate