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We Search for People
•    Your dedicated recruiter works with you to create a role brief so we, you and your potential people know exactly what you are looking for.

•    We then design a targeted advertisement to attract people, this can be branded or unbranded with your company name and logo

•    We then design a strategy and post the advertisement to seek, aggregated job boards and social platforms – all included in the price.

•    We also work through our databases to identify people who haven’t applied for your role, that may be an ideal fit.

•    Potential employees then apply and we collate responses.

Sort and Refine Your People
•    We review all of your applications using manual processes and artificial intelligence to identify the best fitting people - fast!

•    We then interview the best people and create a shortlist

•    Once interviewed we select the best people and ask them to complete a video based interview that is recorded for you to watch.

•    We forward a shortlist to you which contains CV’s, video interviews as well as an appraisal of the best people.

Interview & Select People
•    You decide who you like the best

•    We can help facilitate interviews face to face or online.

•    We then leave it to you to interview your shortlist and fill your vacancy.

We have additional services, for example, support with interviews, psychometric testing, reference checking, offers etc.

Just let us know if you would like a little more help

fixed price recruitment for only $3,750





Finding people is easy, finding the right people is tough, it requires, knowledge, skills and a process. 

We do it every day and we are good at it – it is our core business and we pride ourselves on doing it well at a quality price.

We love people and we also know how to find people who will work best in your business.

We have the systems, processes and methodology to deliver.

Frequently asked questions

What does your Fixed-Price include?

We are experts in roles up to $130,000 salary, our fixed-price includes the following:

  • A job brief to understand the role, your business and workplace culture.
  • A professionally written Job Advertisement
  • Job role advertising online across Seek and other job boards
  • Applicant screening to understand who meets the brief to create a long list
  • Screening interviews (via phone) with the long list applicants
  • Creation of a short-list of the top candidates (up to 5), provision of a candidate brief
  • Video interviews of shortlisted candidates
  • Candidate brief's and video interviews sent to you to decide on preferred candidate.
  • Support with candidate interviews
  • Notification of all applicants / candidate on the status of their application

What are does your Fixed-Price NOT include?

Not much really: Psychometric testing Pre-employment checks and vetting, police and working rights in Australia or New Zealand. Attendance at the interviews, zoom, phone or in person Legal documents or HR processes Reference checking outside the prefered candidate

What happens if you can't find anyone for my role?

If we cannot get you suitable people to interview and employe there are options. If after 6 weeks we are in a position where we can’t find you someone:

You call it quits and we will return the fee less, advertising costs and a $500 administration fee, or we continue for a further 6 weeks on the role and review the strategy.

It's up to you, we will be completely transparent throughout the whole process

What happens if the person leaves within 2 months of starting?

We're sorry to hear that, unfortunately we have no control of what happens after the role is filled and the person starts their new position. We do offer an option to cover this, for an additonal $500 paid up front, we will give you a "60 Day Candidate Guarantee" on all your hire covering all eventualities.

What salary band do you recruit up to?

We realise we can't be all things to all people so we have some jobs that we are better at. We are experts for roles up to $130,000. As part of the brief we will assist you with the best way to get the right person for your role and business. If a senior role require headhunting, we will assist you on the best path to take before starting any assignment.

Is there only one fixed-price charge?

Correct. We charge one upfront flat fee. We do not charge commissions or any hiden fees.

Can you attract suitable candidates for all kinds of vacancy?

We can source most candidates but do not do senior management roles. We have successfully sourced a range of roles for example, sales people, warehousing, call centre, marketing and cleaners - we can source a full range of great people.